Thursday, October 6, 2011

He Says Believe and I Do

He Says Believe and I Do

I watch her walking, so tiny compared to the ones around her.
She can hardly open the door to the school.  The walk seems
to me, mile after mile. She struggles then holds it open for others
and I smile.

I hear my words.  I hear the both of us going over our weekly Bible verse.
We pick a new one each week and say it and pray each morning.  Repeating
word after word, I know my own forgetfulness.  I constantly tell her
truths of God's word and about His goodness.

I feel my desperation some mornings.  Desperate to stuff her tiny mind
full of truth.  I explain to be ready, one day she will hear our Lord didn't
create this world.  I am anxious.  I try to avoid looking rattled.
Is this tiny child ready for this life's battles?

I feel Christ's hand on our lives.  He tells me to do all I am doing, maybe
more.  But leave the desperation at His feet.  Leave the fear that brings
me to tears. Take His word in it constantly bathe.  Leave all that I lack
and ask for more faith.

I listen for God's words.  In the quiet scared or sad moments they say...
"She is mine.  My words do not return void.  The tinyness is strength in
disguise.  You are not unleashing the world on her, you are unleashing Me
on all she meets.  All that you are teaching, all that you tell, is seeping out of
her young but strong heart.  Teach her well."

I believe all that will come will be met with strength only God can give.
I know He stands behind this family, this tiny girl.  I believe He will love
no matter what.  I believe He will Bless if I follow what He commands.
I believe in the moments I feel lost and alone. He says "I love her too".
He says "believe" and I do.

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