Thursday, October 27, 2011

Looking Closer, Makes Me Feel Farther

Looking Closer, Makes Me Feel Farther

The closer I look into God's word, the farther from perfection I feel.
Searching for my way, God's way, brings about an earnest desire to learn.
But each passage I devour, shows - I have so much to learn, so far to grow.

Once I felt overwhelmed and ready to throw up my hands in despair.
Knowing the life of a Christian woman is treacherous and full of hardship and pain.
I press on in the fight, believing God will provide the learning for this life.

As I learn His commands I realize there are also blessings and promises.
Not only a life in eternity with Him, but a life full of hope and grace here on Earth.
Each day that bring trials, brings chances to see, He comes through and rescues me.

Stretching and growing, feeling His hands molding, uncomfortable yet tolerable.
Most times when I am cushioned in comfort I am breaking from this upward path.
His pruning, my stretching and growing, His glorious plan I am showing.

As I look into His word I realize, how far from perfection I am today.
His constant stirring in my soul, there is a contentment that outweighs discomfort.
I climb over jagged edges of strife.  He reminds me of His own obedient life.

He had little comforts, always knowing that the cross would lie ahead.
Pain, rejection, suffering - no one can imagine. For all the sins we cling to today.
With God in my heart I will climb on.  Knowing one day I will see His sweet son.

Treasure the trials.  Grow strong in the battles.  Working towards sanctification.
Leaning on promises from YOUR own hand.  Living, hoping, believing Him.
All we learn and grow through is meant to make us more like YOU!

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