Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh!!! Thank You!!!

Oh!!! Thank you!!! 

She climbs up in to our car.  Quickly starts to buckle in.  Unnoticed by me
she throws herself forward to give me a gigantic hug and says ..
"Oh!!  Thank you Mommy for that special treat in my lunch today."
My heart melts.  Then I think "What special treat"?  As she continues to 
buckle up and talk at the same time, I realize how much that chocolate
chip granola bar actually meant to her. 

I think to myself...  "When was the last time I was so excited and thankful 
with a sweet heart like that?"  "When was the last time I said "Thank you
Lord for that 'special treat'?  I remember last week crying to Him 
over something minor.  A day ago I remember thinking "Lord I 
am not mad about this, but ..."  When was the last time I noticed
the little precious 'treat' He left for my happiness?

She continues her story of the granola bar in the back seat and
I am taught a lesson from my daughter's excitement over such 
a small gift.  

Life is so much more fulfilling after we ask the Lord to open our eyes
to things.  Things to help with, things to praise Him for, things that
could have gone even more wrong and didn't, and the many, many things
big or small that he treats us with.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from

above, coming down from the

Father of lights with whom there is no variation 

or shadow due to change.

James 1:17

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