Thursday, November 17, 2011

Growing Days...

Growing Days...

Its up and its down.  There are the wins and the looses.  This life dashes forward with cheers from our family and friends or it feels like your living in a vacume and can't move, can't relate, can't advance.

Some days we feel like the high that we were soaring on was ripped out from under our dancing feet and then suddenly... silence.

How quickly can we get tripped up, humbled, or saddened by the quite days.  

What is with these days?  We some times think our lives would be so much more productive if we had constant support from, husband, friends, church family, your own family. Wouldn't it be fun if we always got the well deserved pats on the back?

It isn't in God's will for us to be always on top the mountain.  How unreal would that be?  What would we ever learn?  When would we reach the bottom and cry out to our Lord.  We would never have the extraordinary opportunity to Praise Him in those dark hours.

How wonderful we think it would be to be held in esteem by the world around us.  How easy Life would seem.

Strength doesn't come from easy.

Strength comes from God.  When we search out His will.  When we search for His support it means we can change hard times into growing times.  Times that when we get through, we know only our Lord got us there and we become so much more thankful, more mature spiritually, closer to where God wants us.

God allows the great victory's.  He also allows the quite or even painful times.  Through the pain, the quite, the tears, the confusion, He is asking to guide, heal and dry tears.  Reach out to Him, to His love letter. Find your dancing feet, regain your positive prospective, take hold of joy that can only come from Him.  Take hold of your life, no matter where you are, lay it at His feet.  Let Him bring you from the quite into the meaningful.  Allow Him to change hard days into growing days.

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