Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"A True Love Story"

A True Love Story

In a life started by pagan worship, no real knowledge of God, nothing of heaven and God's love.  She left what she knew and married into a family who worshiped the one true God.  Shortly after, before children, before their life together really began, tragedy struck and she was left alone without love, without her husband.  Hard times continued and she was forced to find food and a place to call home.  She left her land and marched with her mother-in-law to a different one.  She chose to hold fast to a woman she loved and respected.  She chose loyalty and honor over anything else.  With her mother-in-law, her new Lord, she found a kind gentle soul, one who gladly took her in to love.  Boaz loved her just as she was.

I so love this story.  One of the greatest love stories ever told, in my opinion.  My favorite part may not be as obvious as you may think.  My favorite part to this story is what she was.  Where she came from.  That she came from pagans, who knew nothing of God.  She lost all her hopes and dreams.  She was actually homeless.  Yet, because of her love and loyalty, and love for her new Lord, God chose to weave her into His kingdom and priestly line.  The line that would some day bring about the birth of our savior.

What have you lost?  What humble beginnings do you come from?  Has your world ever turned completely upside down?  Have you ever lost everything?  Have you ever cried in the night, for love, for a home, for hope?


You're exactly what God is looking for.  You're exactly the kind of person He wants to weave into His kingdom's story.

Today choose Honor and respect over pain and despair.  Clasp onto what God can and will do, instead of turning from the path He has set you on, and instead of heading home to the pagan life you once lived.  Know that you are to be a part of a bigger story an 'upper story'.  What story has God put you into?  What web of His will do you see unfolding for you.  The true love story is that He truly loves you!

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