Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Spirit Powerful enough to change me!

A Spirit Powerful enough to change me!

As the end of this past week came to a close I began to see people pouring out their Thankful hearts on our ever scrolling social media sights.  I love to read what my sweet sister friends have to be thankful for.  Love to share in the happiness that God has graciously poured out on them.

Of course I have a million and one things to say that I am thankful for.  But I thought and thought of the most important thing I am thankful for.

Of course I landed first on my own salvation.  Knowing that a home is built or being built for me in a place where there are no tears of pain or disappointment.  That this is a wonderful truth that has graciously been added to my once dying life.  That I am no longer looking at an afterlife filled with darkness and torment.

But I went past that, I went to the fact that I have the most powerful being in the universe setting up residence in my heart, mind and soul.  He has promised to never leave me in my own messes.  He has promised to show me right paths.  He has promised that each time I cry out for help, even when I don't know exactly what to pray, that He is there even before I cry out.  He has promised to totally appreciate it when I praise Him for being who He is.

With that thought, I kind of settled on what I want to be thankful for this year.

I am thankful that the Holy Spirit in all His power can change a once tormented by my own mistakes heart, into constant thoughts of praise. That freedom from negative thinking is only a prayer away.   That this Holy Spirit is continuing a good work in me.  That even when I don't put the work in required for growth, that He loving, strongly sometimes, prompting me to continue on, to persevere, to glean from Gods unfailing truths.  I am thankful that when I do put the work in, when I stay in constant contact to God, His word, His church that I do get to grow and move forward.  I get to build the treasure that I will one day lay at the feet of the savior of my soul and my life.

No other promise on earth holds true next to this.  No other thing that I work for on Earth promises freedom, joy, peace, love and grace.  No other object, person, job, house, car, clothing, money on earth promises to see me throw the hard times, inspire me when there otherwise would be only tears, give me a supernatural power to see this life as worthwhile and important, to give me a spirit of service when once I only wanted to be served.   Only the Spirit of The Lord that is accessible to anyone that calls out in true repentance can do all this.

It is promised that anyone who believes that Jesus came from Heaven, that He is perfect and Holy . That He is the son of God that lived, died and rose from the grave on the third day.  This Spirit is for anyone who sees their sins as an unmistakable boundary that keeps them from God and Heaven and eternal peace. That this Jesus is waiting for you, to hear their voices cry out to Him, to take that boundary and all that built it and casts it to the bottom of forever.  This God, this Son Jesus, this Spirit is for that very 'anyone'.

Nothing else on Earth is powerful enough to change a once hardened heart, a negative heart, a sinful heart, a selfish heart, a bewildered heart, a lost heart into a loved heart, a forgiven heart, a praising daily heart, a heart softened by the Masters hands.

I am thankful for the only truth that can do all of this.  The truth that once we accept Jesus as our personal savior, His spirit comes to reside in us.  That this Spirit is there to transform the once broken and laid waste into vibrant and serving the risen Savior.

I am thankful for the Holy Spirit.

Thank you God for seeing our needs and telling your son He must live a simple, perfect, devoted life and then die a indescribable death.  Thank you Jesus for saying "Your will be done".  Thank you Holy Spirit for bringing to life a soul that was once a dark pit and transforming it into a place where the God of the Universe can look upon.   Thank you for your continual working, twisting, peeling away, so that one day God may say Well done my good and faithful servant.  Thank you for not leaving me alone in my own messes.  For not giving up when my laziness takes over.  Thank you for constantly working to change this worldly heart into a heavenly one.

Thank you Holy Spirit !

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