Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This One Thing

This One Thing

If I had a hero I think it would have been David.  Victorious, handsome, well loved, watched with jealousy, someone after God's own heart.

As I was reading through "The Story" I was excited to get to the part about King David.  With all his accomplishments, with all his battles won.  I love that He flew forward in the battle, claiming God's name as he, seemingly unafraid, defeated Goliath, as he ran from Saul's jealousy and mental breakdowns.  I love the part about his strong love for Jonathan.  But the victories and his words written to a God he never saw but loved so deeply, what a hero.

So many armies came against him and he was victorious.  So many attempts on his life and he was victorious.  Even with early marital problems, he stood on God's shoulders and was victorious.

Yet... eventually he fell in battle one sad day to sin.  A sin that was compounded by another.  I seed of an inner battle claimed victory at that one devastating point in his life. 'This one thing' took from him a son, he suffered so much pain, lost his way, at least for a while.  So much loss.

David fell to his own self.  His toughest battle was actually buried deep inside of him.  Maybe few ever saw this enemy, maybe it rarely reared its ugly head.  But David knew it was there all along.  God knew it was there.  David fell to the enemy,  'this one thing' that only he knew and kept hidden.

What is lurking inside of your heart?  What hidden secret eats away at your victory's daily?  What have you not dealt with that has devoured some of your dreams?

Bring it out.  Be honest about it, first to yourself, then to God.  Take it to Him in the quietness of your home. Don't let all that God has given, all that God has promised, all the love that God has given you be wasted to this one thing that still lingers.

Turn it out, in truth lay it down, in repentance leave it at His feet, in victory stand, in God's will pick up deliverance from this thing that threatens to slow or stop your progression for the one true goal - to be a warrior worthy of God's army.

Be all that God wants you to be.  Be the warrior that David was.  Let his lesson become your motivation to destroy 'this one thing' and begin to live in total victory.

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