Friday, December 23, 2011

Reason For Our Celebration


The lights of our celebration are actually for 
one life lost
Soft pale and tender He came, to die in pain, in the darkness of the cross.

Dance and clap, sing with all your might
this celebration is for the coming of true light.

The joyfulness of our celebrations are actually for 
the pain He endured
the pleasant sounds of angels praise are hushed by the bewildered tears of His mother.

Use this season as you can no other
Bring God's good news to a world of lost sisters and brothers

The embraces of our celebrations are actually for those hands that brought Him off of that old rugged tree
With purest of heart celebrate this year, knowing Christ came as a baby to set our lost and sinful souls free.

Love, laugh, worship the King with all your might 
who brought life to all on that chilly hopeful winter night

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