Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To the fire, all the waste...

To the fire, all the waste...

I have never seen the gleaming face of God
but I have felt the warm cleansing power of
His son's volunteered blood.

I am like those who have cried " I am unclean!"
To the depths of my wicked heart
His eyes have seen.

He is gracious and true and so full of love
I am grateful for mercy
But for growing and maturing His love can be tough.

I have laid at His feet crying out in spiritual pain.
He cradled me in love
while still holding my soul to the flame.

I have cried out "Enough Lord, bring me relief!"
Then He explains "Without this casting off,
My total will, you will not reach."

So He continues to burn in the fire all that is waste.
He does this to prepare me for when
I will finally look upon His gleaming face.

Know your pain and its worth.  Without it, like a child
We would never reach towards His glory. Forever stuck and
seemingly happy in this life's muck and mire.


Piper said...

Thank you for visiting Mercy Saved Me and sharing What He is to You?
Loved it!!

Laura Hodges Poole said...

I'm visiting from Bless a Blogger. This is a beautiful post, Jen. God's mercies are infinite.

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