Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Mystery

A Mystery

There is  something I don't quite understand.  In my mind stirs a mystery.  As if someone was speaking a riddle to me.

I can't quite grasp what I know to be true - that I am loved beyond measure.   That to me, all was forgiven and now I am new.

I stare blankly at the words on the page.  As numbness gives way to feeling.  Yet I don't quite understand on what my eyes gaze.

What have I ever done?  Why would He love me?  Did I sparkle enough for the eyes of heaven to look down and see?

What ever propelled Him to give so very much?  To give all to this human that craves sin's deceiving touch.

I am easily bewildered, constantly needing a word from Him.  If I go without communication, I quickly fall into sin.

Lord, I don't and can't know why your love is for the taking, that you see me as worthy of a soul recreating.

I am thankful and vulnerable to the goodness you supply.  I want to worship you,  thank you, lifting my tear-streaked face to the sky.

Though I know I can never be worthy of YOU.  My prayer is that you mold me into the woman you saw, died for and made new.

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