Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To the love I call my own.

Through my tears I saw your smile in the years when my faith was low and my heart was spent.   You wanted me, loved me when I didn't know what a good heart meant.

You brought me to yourself with total faith in who we were.  You never waivered in your commitment.  You gave me your heart and your life, accepted my every temperament.

You are my esteem when mine falls short.  Instead of draining me of who I was meant to be,  you look for ways to help, showing how to develop the true me.

My dreams, each have been granted by you.  You are the one I call my own. My love.  My best friend.  My life.   You are the reason I get to live as this mother and wife.

All my wants and wishes, Someone heard me through the darkness.  God sent you to me so I continue to give Him praise.  I ask Him daily to bless us and give me the wisdom to give you back all that you gave.

I love you, you are mine.  The one I was built for, the one I absolutely  adore.  The one I committ this love of mine too.  I am hoping forever, somehow, I will always mean this much to you.

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