Thursday, March 29, 2012



...and the sonshine fills my eyes as I walk through this life not
particularly blind but the sonshine fills me in every way.  From 
the coldness of my night, it streams in and fills my life.  

The brightness warms me and the the sonlight forms me.  It
grows me and matures me and the sonshine fills my life.  Only His
rays are strong enough to slice through the troubling haze.  
His sonshine fills my day.  

Ever thankful for it.  Ever clinging to it.  Ever striving to look
 like it.  Ever realizing I am addicted to it.  Ever knowing there
 is no joy with out it.  His sonshine fills my days.

and the sonshine fills my eyes,  when the tears stream 
from laughter or pain.  I know He is mine, I know I belong.
because His sonshine fills my days.

Stand under it.  Be a part of it.  Let His warmth engulf you.
Sonshine is meant to be felt, the sonshine
is supposed to posses and then rid the decay.
Won't you let His sonshine fill your day!!

1 comment:

Denise said...

Wonderful, bless you.

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