Thursday, May 17, 2012


When we're not the brightest or the best
When we're not most or the favorite
When we ARE love BECAUSE of love ...
We become the action when we want to sit
We become the volunteer when we want to be served

When we're not the highest or the talented
When we're not the loved or the needed
When we ARE love Because of love ...
We become the server , instead of the served
We become the gracious, instead of the hurt

We become Love because of His love.
We become the chin up instead of the overburdened
We become the will try instead of the I give up.
We become mercy because of His grace, instead of the judge.

Let me be chipped away, let only what is from Christ remain.
Let all I do be less about me and more about You
Let the grace that won me, become the smile others will see.
Let the I wants become the I will gives.
Let the pity become the steadfast and unselfish thanksgiving.

When mercy is understood, graciousness is easy to find root.
When Christs love is ingrained, His actions through us, remain.
We become Love because of His Love
We become someone we weren't before, instead of the usual
We become The person He needs instead of  what we used to be.

We become, because of Him

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