Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm often condemning myself.  I know there is no condemnation 
under God but I think we all feel this way, at least from time
to time.  I felt unsure sure if the words spoken to a friend came out
right.  I wondered if I missed a million chances to tell the world 
about Christ.  I wondered if anything I did yesterday reflected 

So many mistakes in judgment.  So many missed opportunities.  So
many times I really feel I don't know how to live this Christian life as
God wants me to.  I wanted to ask God for more understanding, but
that nagging voice in the shadows, lurking as it often does said
"You will never get this all right, God cannot use someone like you.
Stop trying and just get comfortable where you are. "

I decided to ignore that nagging voice. I found this passage today 
in James 1  (Looking with a good commentary I see an explanation of each 

This passage speaks of being joyful in hard times *"not in the limited 
sense of allurements to sin, but trials or distresses of any kind which test 
and purify the Christian character."

Because it is working patience *" persevering endurance and continuance"
For it will make you perfect *"-fully developed in all the attributes of a
Christian character.

And entire *" "your whole (literally, 'entire') spirit, soul, and body"; as 
"perfect" implies without a blemish in its parts.

Okay, here is my favorite part.  Because I am seeking wisdom.  Because 
I need to be more than what I can be on my own. Because I want to be 
more of a reflection of Christ.  Because I want to do what's good and right.  
I am often confused in this world.  Because as a foolish person, I often think 
God sees me as I see myself.  Without merit.  Without 
significance.  Without the opportunity to get wisdom from God.  

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men 
liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

This is what my commentary says *"an illustration of God's giving simply. 
He gives to the humble suppliant without upbraiding him with his past 
sin and ingratitude, or his future abuse of God's goodness.  Compare 
Solomon's prayer for "wisdom," and God's gift above what he asked, 
though God foresaw his future abuse of His goodness would 
deserve very differently.

(I feel I should put a disclaimer in here.  "Does not give license to be sinful")

Does mean, I can ask God for wisdom, regardless of my mistakes yesterday.  
God loves me so much that in my humbleness He will not say "Well, 
look at what you did yesterday. You misunderstood my direction last week.  
You know next week you will make another mistake or misstep.  So no, 
I am not going to help you when you ask for it".  He says, ask humbly 
and with faith and I will help give to you what you need to move on in 
your Christian walk.

This passage talks about so much more than the inspiration I was given in 
verse 5.  I encourage you to take a look using a commentary and take all
you can from this book of James.  There is so much to offer.

My point is this:  I felt an overwhelming sense that I needed direction 
from God.  I felt a sense of failure in past endeavors.  I felt a little stuck.  
I opened my Bible this morning and as always God gave me fuel, wisdom, 
and a chance to understand Him a little better.

* indicates places from commentary.  Found at Bible Study Tools written by
 Robert Jamieson, A. R. Fausset and David Brown 


Piper said...

Thanks for sharing this! I tend to dwell on what I didn't do or what I could have done better. BUT in reality, I have to remember His mercies are new every morning! I can't worry about what is past, I need to focus on Him so that I can be more open to the opportunities He places before me. Do I still mess up? YES... Do I get it right? Sometimes. Will I stop trying or will I press on?? PRESS ON SISTER!! He is on our side!

Gail Purath said...

Lots of good thoughts and verses to ponder in this honest post, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing it on B&BB. I'm praying that you have a blessed week as God continues to reveal new truths to you that you can share with others.
Jennifer, I wonder why the font is so small on this post? I had difficulty reading it at my age
: ) and Studies show this will turn many people away from a post and you'd hate to do that when you have something meaningful to say. Just a thought.

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