Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Through Pain, to The Throne

Jeremiah - "By God’s command, he never married, and he apparently had only two converts during his entire ministry. The nation of Judah did not respond favorably to his messages of repentance. He was scorned in his own hometown and even falsely imprisoned on charges that he was collaborating with the Babylonian invaders. Like many of the Lord’s prophets, Jeremiah suffered public mockery and physical abuse. Yet God used his faithful servant to deliver the good news that in future days God would make a new, unbreakable covenant with his people (31:31). Hebrews 8:8–12 quotes Jer. 31:31–34 as evidence that this new covenant has come through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ."  (*, Scofield)

There is so much we don't see.  A world outside our grasp of 
understanding.  We often don't see the fruits of all our labors.  
When I read this small informative paragraph I was 

We live in a world of the "instant gratification".  God's word 
never says He is at our beckon call.  We want Him to show up and 
actually say "I know this is tough but you are doing a great job".  
Through His word and other Christians, sometimes,  He does.  
He is a God of purpose,

 and time 
and longevity 
and working through 
and pushing
encouraging us along this path of His.  

Our life, one day, will be summed up before our creator.  
In that moment we will see ALL the fruits of our labors.  
God will lift the curtain of 

His Will 
His Why 
and His Way 

and we will see the result of each endeavor we felt 
was lost, forgotten, taken advantage of.  

Be thankful for the nods we get, the glimpses of God's 
acknowledgment of our work here, the approval we feel when 
we have continued on in faith.  Remember we can not see the 
thread of God's work that we are weaving according to His 
will, not all the time.

Jeremiah was a great instrument of God's.  God's Word 
and God's work would look so different without this man of God.  
But I know he felt like giving up,

giving in to the easy, 
the likable, 
the comfortable.  

He continued on never knowing entirely if all his 
heartache and faith would actually bring about God's 
will, God's purpose, God's perfect plan.  
He just kept on.  

Keep on being true, faithful and obedient.  Know with certainty 
that you are Loved by the creator of this World and 

YES, He sees you!

He will, one day let you know what kind of job you did 
here on earth.  That is the day to look towards. 
Not today. Not

The gripes from family or friends,
the heartache, 
the tiredness, 
the feeling left behind 
or maybe forgotten
the ridicule
the standing alone
the pain 

These will all seem unimportant and insignificant compared to the 



loving uncontrollably,

smile of approval of our Savior 

when we see Him, sitting on His throne, being honored 
and worshiped in Heaven.  Dear friend, please be 
encouraged by God's Word today!

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