Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just and Faith

Ever come into the situations in life that you absolutely know can go off the rails, crash at your feet and leave you heartbroken? Those situations you can prepare for but the outcome is purely out of your control.

Ever want to squirm into the middle of that situation?  Ever want to jump head long into the middle of it and start telling everyone involved what to do and how to act when the situation arises?  Ever want to take over and be the God of that situation?

You know best, after all.  You know the people involved. Their shortcomings.  Their strengths. You know God's word.  You 
know His teachings. You know what you want this situation to look like when it's all said and done.

God says "Just have Faith"

The words just and faith tingle in your ear.  They play over and over again in your mind.  Definitively that still small voice.

Sometimes its just faith.  The only works to go along with the faith is prayer and a pleasant attitude.  Just put that chin up, smile, think positive, and pray for God's hand to move.

God is a giver.  A giver of substance.  A giver of Life.  A giver of rules.  A giver of faith.  A giver of grace.

Take a moment today and think about that situation that is like figuring out a jugger-not.  Stop wanting to interfere. Stop playing God.  Stop wanting to run the show.  Stop thinking God doesn't want the best for you and all involved.  

Start with thinking...  
                                "Just" and "Faith"

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Piper said...

Oh this is needed today! I am such a control freak!! And yes, I do admit it!! I have said many times, "why can't they just act right?" Of course your acting right and my acting right are probably two totally different things. So in essence I am saying, why can't they act like I want them too? Yes, I have a self on the throne of my heart problem and I need posts like this to bring me back to where I need to be. So I will contemplate Just & Faith! Thanks!

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