Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Plea for a Crazy, Complicated, Hurtful, Lovely, Suprising, Beautiful, Ugly, Heartwrenching, meaninful LIFE

This may seem to go unnoticed.  I myself in an effort not to be drug into the saddness of it all, often stay away from articles or videos about abortion. it's depressing.  It's demoralizing.  It's haunting.

At some point those with this strong moral belief must take a risk and let others know what they believe to be true.  Even when they are overlooked.  When they are ridiculed. When they don't think anyone cares about their beliefs.  Because what if at the end of our lives their is a God who has seen it all.  What if He says  "and what did you do with the mind, heart, hands, brain, speech, ability to type ...  that I gave you?"

It's scary that America has taken these, medically and scientifically labeled tiny HUMAN bodies and literally packed them into the trash cans throughout America. We are in the depths of the greatest deception ever whispered or bullied people into adhering to.  This is not about judgment on what some women did or choose to do or are going to do or were talked into by boyfriends or society or spouses or even well meaning parents.   I have hugged more than one crying tearful friend as she recalled this death of her unborn child.  Why aren't we hearing those millions of stories?   How that extremely painful memory haunts them. How the feeling of regret grips and tears at them on a regular basis.  Are they loved and adored and being sought out to be befriended by the same God that loves and befriends me? Absolutely. Remember, He allowed His son to be brutally killed for the women that has had more than one abortion.  My heart and love goes out to any women who has gone through this.  If you know me, you know it does.

Let's please just get real for one moment.  Millions of women over the past decade have miscarried more than once. Cried, prayed, begged God to allow them to have this gift of life growing in them. Millions of abortions are preformed every year.  It's so easy to say " It's a simple procedure" "It's a women's choice" or even "Do you know what back street abortions do to women?"  "Do you know the pain and heartache that women will have to endure for the rest of their lives?"  It's not simple.  No one truthfully thinks it's simple. Is it a women's choice?  Women throughout history have been The Reason in a world plagued with war and violence.  We have been the armor wearing protectors for our children.  Have we been so influenced by violence that we really think this is a simple procedure?  Now, we are ending our babies lives before they get to breath the air.   As for the bloody, mangling, and possible death of women who are forced to have back street abortions... I have never been able to sit and watch abortion videos that have been taken in secret because of the carnage of  tiny bodies, hands and legs.  Lastly, yes I know what a mom looks like who is facing a life she can not handle.  A life where regrets abound.  A life that is too much for her to handle.  I have seen women face actual fire, life long pain, starvation, brutality... all in place of their childrens pain.  And you know what they are blessed by the God in heaven.  They are revered and remembered.  They are what other wise women emulate.  To me that is the definition of women and/or mother. Besides can we actually predict the future enough to tell a women her life will be better off if she has an abortion?  Are we really teaching the future generations how to have an easier life?   We have been.  Do you know what life actually looks like for young people who's life was made simple?  You do know what reality TV is, right?  It's full of it.

This is one of the biggest lies our society has ever manufactured.  That it is okay.  That these tiny humans are better off, the mother is better off and that the right to take a life is a women's right.  It is a life.  It is using its lungs, it is moving, it knows pain, it smiles. By any stretch of the imagaination, IT is a life waiting to be born into a crazy, complicated, hurtful, lovely, supriseing, beautiful, ugly, heartwretching,  meaningful life.

I am seriously praying over this post.  What if one person sees it?  What if it breaks through the wall of deceit built up in a women, who is in crisis?  A lot of what I write is actually for me.  Reminders of what God has done.  What I need to be doing, that I'm not.  Scriptures to help me actually deal with a life sometimes out of my control. This is for someone else.  This plea is for someone to pass along, in the spirit of love.  It's for someone.  I know it is.

John 3:16  For God so loved the world (... every unborn child, every women who is going to or has had an abortion, me and my one million sins) that He gave is only son, so that WHO EVER believes on Him may have eternal life.

God loves this sometimes mindless World.  Spread His truth.  Even when it seems like no one wants to hear it.  No word of God sent out, comes back empty.

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