Thursday, July 23, 2015

Old ships, the deep and God

I hate the feeling when God focuses on my sin!
I love when I feel clean and my relationship is fluid again with Him!
I hate when I feel insecure and plain.
I love when fully submerged in His word, it's His power I claim!
I hate ...HATE, grumbling, selfishness and fear.
I love when I let go of these and He begins to steer!

Life’s wars are waged in the deep.  The deepest part of my forgotten darkened heart. They surface from time to time and force me to cry out.  Do I cry out for peace, happiness and calm or do I call out to a savior who wants to dominate this deep swallowing place?  The savior, who when repurposing this old and worn out ship, tears out sin, rips through feelings of inadequacies, burns away all my flesh’s addictions.  The Christian walk isn’t for the faint of heart.  I Thank God when He comes in.  He brings strength and purpose.  With out Him I would fall deep into these oceans of peril that I like to pretend are small shallow pools of everyday meaningless fears, mistakes and sin.

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