Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Are You Chasing ?

What are you chasing ?

I just heard a speaker talk about being completed, and 
what you think completes you.   One thing he spoke about was
how often we have a check list of things that when we check
them off we feel better about ourselves maybe more
able to feel complete. It got me to thinking.

What am I chasing down?  What in the daily scheme of things
do I think I can complete or check off that will satisfy that
inner self.   I often think this way and didn't even realize I am
doing it.  For instanceIf I work out 20 minutes a day,
 I feel I am more healthy.   If my daughter and I can do at
 least three good days of lessons, I feel I am doing a better
 job with her and getting her ready for school. If I have
my devotions each day, I am a better Christian.  If toys are
picked up off the floor when my husband gets home and
everything looks pretty and neat, I can check that off
as doing my job at helping him feel relaxed when he gets
home from work.  If I get my hair brushed and make up on
I get an even bigger check mark.

None of these are a bad idea.  But what happens when
my mental note pad becomes all consuming?  What happens
if what I am chasing is not what God intended for me to chase?
What happens if I scurry around through out my day with
my head down, getting my things checked off?  When doing
what we believe is all important takes us out of the
control of what  God wants for that given moment
I think we miss the  forest for the trees.

Maybe that day my husband wanted to talk to me while
he is getting ready for work instead I go work out because it
is on the list?  What if a friend needed me on the day I planned
to do lessons?  What if my daughter needed extra time with me
when I wanted to be picking up around the house?  We could
easily miss out on Gods opportunity's if our note pads get
more important than listening to God.

Whats on your check list of daily tasks?  Its great to be
organized.  Its also great to not let the list get in the way of
living and  listening to Gods direction even when it  may differ
from your list from time to time.  Really, the only thing that
as Christians will make us feel "checked off" or "complete"
is our relationship with Christ.  That's the only check mark
that we should be chasing. 

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Whitney said...

This is beautiful & so what I needed to hear! Thanks~

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