Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Ever thought..."

Ever have such triumph then suddenly stumble, fumble and fall.
Ever in the midst of rejoicing trip over your own dancing feet?

Ever wonder what God sees in you, fleshly, unthinking you?
Ever think you are hiding your sin, hiding so that no one else will see?

Ever think you are alone when surrounded by other Christians?
Ever take for granted that second chance that was handed to you so free?

Ever get caught up in a moment, then realize you were gossiping?
Ever thought," Is there a way to grow with out pain and some tears?"

Ever left the side of a wounded friend and realized you just made it worse?
Ever been in the right and still felt small and weak?

Ever felt rejected by someone else's forgetfulness and busyness?
Ever known what it is to spend nights crying yourself to sleep?

In all these things God is there.  It doesn't matter how you feel in this
moment, He is there.  It does matter that we follow His commands.
Yet, He doesn't love us more or less because we do great
or fall flat on our faces.  The lies Satan has laid in front of us
seem so much like truth.  They are not! 

We don't love Jesus because
He is wonderful, gracious, perfect, loving. 
We love Him because He first loved us.
We, being so sinful needed to be loved to understand how to love back.
He is all these things because He is God.
Being God He knows us and loves us anyway.  We are never
a surprise to Him.  He is not like the parents that we are.
He is perfect.  When we mess up he doesn't loss His
temper.  He directs our path and situation in whatever
way will bring us closer to Him, though it may be painful, He is still there.
 When we do right and the world falls in on us, He comes to our rescue
with love, compassion and Hope.  With His promise
that if we look to Him, follow Him He will Bless.
Even when we can't feel it to be true.

Remember, the truth of Gods Word.
God is there for us!  What can stand against us!
Not even our own doubting selves.

He loves you!
He loves you!
He loves you!

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