Friday, March 11, 2011

"Who have I befriended?"

In Matthew 9 we read how Jesus is questioned for eating with
tax collectors and sinners.  Jesus replies that it is the unhealthy
that need a doctor and instructs the Pharisees to go and learn
what this means;

' I desire Mercy, not sacrifice. For I have not come to
call the righteous but sinners"  (Matt 9:13 NIV)

The Scripture does warn against entering into a bond with unbelievers.

Psalms 1:1
Proverbs 13:20 

These passages are so clear.  Then, how do we reach the
unsaved world around us? 

I think it comes down to influence.  Jesus was always the influencer.
Who influences who in these situations?  Do we set ourselves
at there table to be fed or to feed.  Do we lack something in our
own spiritual life and then take the false truth that they offer?
Or are we strong enough to be a true representitive of Christ.
Its a tough call sometimes.

Gods word instructs us to be a light.  To let the world know
who we represent by our love.  God tells us to be strong in
the Lord.  A mighty warrior.  We all should be one
who walks daily with Gods influence and Christs love
puring from our hearts and faces.

Maybe the steps to befriending the lost go something like this:

Get your spiritual life as close to God as possible.
Keep doing this day in and day out.
Ask for a chance to befriend an unbeliever.
Remember that befriend makes you the influencer.
Let the Love you know to be from God translate easily to this person.
Then Pray
Then Pray some more.

I want to do a better job than what I have been.
I want to do Your Will Dear Lord.
Help me seek out and find your lost sheep
Help me guide them to you at  Heavens door.

Precious souls are out there each day
They are waiting to know what goodness is.
Help me to show your love and hope
to a world of cruelty and darkness.

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