Friday, March 18, 2011

I Struggle

"I struggle"

I have always been a person concerned at least a little bit
about how I look and how my life looks to others.  Not always
a bad thing.  I also want my life to run smoothly.  I would
 like my husband to be the spiritual leader.  I want my child to be
kind and respectful.  I struggle to maintain these things.  I
struggle to make these things a reality.  I struggle with my
thoughts when I believe others don't see my life as
Godly and relevant.  Lets be honest here.  When others don't
see our lives like we want them too, it can hurt.

Ever get wrapped up so tightly in these types of
struggles?  Maybe so tightly you can't quite breath? 
Struggling to maintain, struggling to fit in, struggling to
not look like you have nothing to offer?

I was dealing with this the other day.  Then I had an epiphany.
I believe it was sent to me from the one I have never ever
had an empty meaningless struggle with.

"I am here to glorify and serve"

The end.  Nothing else matters more than this.  This is who
I was created to be.  To love my savior, to serve Him, to glorify
Him by my actions and words, that is why I am here.

Strip away all other struggles for a moment.  Breath and rest in the
 truth.  Drop everything you struggle with outside serving, out side
glorifying.  Strip away the need to control.  Strip away the
need to be appreciated.  Strip away the fear that
others will not see your walk as you would want them too.
Strip away the disappointment you may feel
when you can't afford certain things.  Strip it away, now
leave it at the feet of Jesus.  And see what He says about all these

Matthew 6:32-34  tells us that God actually realizes your
need for all these things.  But in this passage it says to
"Seek ye first the kingdom of God"
then these things shall be added to you.

Its a simple yet important reality to maintain. 

I am here to serve God and Glorify Him.

Through this, we are given the fruit that actually fills that empty
part of our souls that need that validation.  God is so true to His
word.  So strong in His love.  So righteous. 

Focus on Serving.  He wants your efforts.  Put aside all the struggles
that have left you wanting and feeling empty.

Just Glorify and Serve.


erica said...

love it! nicely said Jen! I think we all have these struggles....its so nice to know that we dont have to pretend around Him! He created us, and knows us, even better than we know ourselves! Praise Him!

jen butterfield said...

So true Erica! Thanks for your comment! Many years ago a friend guided me to realize that pretending is actually wasting the time God gave you. I was so freed by that. I can honestly say that I enjoy my life so much more now than I did in those days. God does know us so so well. Honor Him with your service and He actually will take care of the rest!

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