Thursday, April 14, 2011

Putting on my "Glasses"

Some may already know this about me.  With out
my glasses I am almost clinically blind.  I see colors and
some shapes but unless something is right in front of
me I can not see a thing with out them.

So I put them on.  What was blurry becomes sharp.  What
seemed like a mess becomes a beautiful picture.  What seemed
like a dark monster lurking in the corner becomes the
pair of jeans I tossed there last night.  Who seemed to
be a friend becomes someone I didn't really know.
(actually happened in high school after a basketball game)

My point is this...

Spiritually what are your glasses? What are you using
to "right" your perspective?  Is it a friend?  Is it a mom or dad?
Is it a substance?  What do you run to and put on
to feel righted?

Our "glasses" should be God. 

How often are you putting them on?  Do you realize how
out of perspective your life is with out them.  They will
right those strangers, those dark blobs, what is
unsure and out of focus will become sharp.

We may not always like what we see when things become
focused after putting on our "glasses". 

Get a good look at reality with God as your Glasses.
It may change your world a bit but true focus is worth seeing!

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