Sunday, May 8, 2011

"To Mom with Love"

You won't always be able to be your childs best friend. I don't think BFF's
we are intended to stay.
But I do believe there will be those special chances along the way.

Back in my youth, such a long time it seems.There were days
when I was young.
Problems with friends,I felt alone that I really had no one.

My mom stepped into those gaps for me.
Tiny notes in my lunch, each day.
She made me feel I was special in her own perfect way.

I see my daughter's face light up now.
When she wants to show me something she created just for me.
A hint of Gods perfection in what I see.

I remember long days after work, my mom would try to rest.
Dinner to be made arguments to settle.
She was always right there right in the middle.

She was dynamic in her attempt to keep us pointed towards God.
To show how to live. How her savior was full of love,
 that he came our sins to forgive.

What a hard time I gave her. The arguments, the times
 when I didn't respect.Some how she loved me so
much much more than I could ever expect.

As I look at my daughter now, sometimes with tears in my eyes.
What a precious gift God gave me. How can she ever realize.

My prayer is this and so true and meaningful it is,
that she will come to in time,
love and cherish and respect this mother as much
as I love cherish and respect mine.


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