Monday, June 27, 2011

"A Psalmist's Heart"

How much do you love David?  I love his heart and evidently
so did God.   This man of great importance.  This man who made
monumental mistakes.  This man who loved God.  This man who
worshipped God like no other in the Bible.

Have you ever made a monumental mistake?  I have.
Have you ever made more than one monumental mistake? I have.

David made several.  David had a son who bitterly betrayed him.
David grieved over his sin and the loss that ensued after.  Prayers
on his face for the death of his son. Tears after losing the ability to
build the temple.  The despair he felt living in the wilderness after
his son Absalom's rebellion. 

Through all of this he looked to God.  He looked for forgiveness,
for grace,  for absolution and for strength. 

Have you ever been there?

Feeling what's leftover from a life gone off the tracks.
Feeling what's leftover after you realize some of the sin in your life, though
forgiven, will cost you some of your dreams.
Feeling what's leftover after your hard work as a parent leaves you tired and hurt.

David's lesson is so great!!

He searched after God.  Clung to him for support every day.
Praised him completely.  He also wasn't afraid to tell God
how he felt totally abandoned by Him.

He just adored God.  I want to adore God more!

Think about David as you go through life's struggles.
Remember on the tough days.  God is what held him together.
God is what made him the strong ruler he was.  God gave
him the lyrics he wrote and sang. 

Turn your heart and life completely into God's heart.
Adore him like this Psalmist did.
You will find your life to be a more like a song of hope,
grace and love than a song of mistakes and regret.

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