Monday, July 11, 2011

Being Chosen For Healing

"Being chosen for healing"

Bartimaeus, I have heard this story a million times in
Sunday school.  This time I read it, I got it. 

Bartimaeus was a blind beggar that Jesus and his disciples
encountered as they were leaving Jericho.

I always took this as seeing the power of Jesus through
His many miracles.  Not this time.  God spoke directly to
my soul (through the help of my Sunday school workbook).

This is a story of being ready to get what you are asking for.
Not only getting it but are you really ready to follow Jesus after
you get it?

So often I have asked the Lord to do a great work through me.
I honestly wanted God to be glorified.  But I haven't always been
spiritually ready to make the sacrifices that were needed.

Bartimaeus begged and begged Jesus.  He begged and bothered
to the point that the Many people told him to be quite.

Jesus saw His heart.  Jesus knew he was ready.  Jesus knew
he wanted more than the healing of His blindness.  Jesus
saw he was ready for the rest of his life to be about Jesus.

God sees our hearts.  He doesn't just see what your neighbor sees.
He sees it ALL.  The Good the Bad and the Ugly!
He sees our truths.

What have you been begging for?   Are you fed up with not
being healed.  Have you been angry because you feel
God is just passing you by? 

I have been one of the other beggars sitting around Bartimaeus.
I have been left crying "Why not me Lord?"

I want to be ready for healing.  I want to be ready for use.

How do we make our hearts ready for healing?

We must desire it more than anything else.  More than fear.
More than pride.  More than pleasure.  More than comfort.

I want to be chosen for healing.  I want to move forward
in this spiritual journey.  I want it to be in my inner soul
that if Jesus gives me what I am asking for, I will follow
him down the road with my new gift.

"He's calling for you."  He threw off his coat, jumped up, and
he came to Jesus.  Then Jesus answered him,' What do you want
Me to do for you?' 'Rabbouni,' the blind man told him, 'I want
to see!'  'Go your way,' Jesus told him,'Your faith has healed you'
Immediately he could see and began to follow Him on the road."
(Mark 10:49b-52)

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