Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life Swirls and Grace Abounds

Life Swirls and Grace Abounds

Come sit with me God, today.   I need to feel you in the air around me.
I must know your presence in my every day.  Without you I am lost and I am alone.
Without your approval on my life, I feel forsaken.   I am searching for
something real.  Without you, there is no one.

I cannot stand against the enemy of pressure today.  I need you to fight
for me when I cannot. I do not know the way.  I cannot fall in the battle of life. 

Your kingdom is not from this world.  You never said it would be.
I will not struggle for treasures that only pride wants to see.

I need you to show me true love, true grace and true peace.
Any groanings in the night will be only answered by these.

I cannot fail in your kingdom if you are my one and only true God.
I will not fail when I use your sword.  You alone parted the sea with only a rod.

Drown me no longer in tears.  You have wiped them far far away.
Leave me with your all-consuming brightness that no dark night can lead astray.

Drug to my knees in praise of your precious glory and grace.
In my home, arms in the air, I sing.  I never want to stop this praise.

When looking for you and your commands your blessings abound
When not looking at my worth but when my feet on your word are found.

Come sit with me God, today.  I need more as my life swirls around me.
I must see your path, I must only hear what you say.  Without it I will wander.
With you I cannot just survive, I can be empowered.  I can know the way.
Come be a part of me, a part of my life in every way.

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