Friday, July 29, 2011

Bringing Home a Stranger

"Bringing Home a Stranger"

My heart pounds and I watch intent on the message.
Oh to be used so much by God.  To be growing in faith and progressing.

Tears and tears at the love so evident for another.
Teach me, oh Lord. Teach me to submit to you forever.

To be used of God in such a way. To bring a stranger home to stay.
To give unconditional love to one I never knew.  Oh to love in such a way.

I wonder sometimes as I go through life's path.  What will my project of love be.
Oh to be used of God maybe not in this way.  I want my own journey to see.

Dear Lord help me plant where you say to plant those seeds.
Help me not envy but lift praises, when others destiny's are freed.

I will watch, work, praise lift others and be on the battle ground.
For your kingdom is waiting for us and true missions are all around.

Bless those who do love this way, to bring a stranger home to stay.
Show them grace, patience and hope.  These tiny souls were given a new life today.

The following are wonderful stories of Adoption and Gods unmistakable love.

In dedication to my parents who brought many many children in desperation
 through our house.   Who dedicated years and years out of their lives
to give to children in need.

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