Monday, August 1, 2011

I See Me

I See Me

I see me.  Small and alone.  Haggard and worn for my years.
A bit bruised and battered, messy, spots on my clothes, stained by tears.

I see me.  Looking foolish and ridiculous in my need for love and comfort.
I am belittled by my enemies, left alone, not picked from life's concourse.

I see me.  Insignificant and unremarkable to this world I live in.
Nothing special to speak of, kind of wrinkly and not so thin.

As I look down on myself in my usual fashion, separated from myself,
God strolls beautifully beside me "Let me your story retell."

He looks at me.  Strong!  Warring against the enemy for the ones I love.
A lot of my scars tracing back to the enemy and not sent from above.

He looks at me.  A child of His.  Once alone, lost and forsaken.
He sees me raised from my circumstances, my burden lightened

He looks at me. He sees my promise and the gifts He bestowed.
He sees His son and spirit working in the heart, far from earthly vision below.

He looks at me.  He sees a child of His who he raised.
A million times more potent is His love than the doubts I had today.

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