Monday, July 18, 2011

What is Real Beauty?

What Is Real Beauty?

Working through the book of Esther has brought some of my issues to the
surface.  Watching her beauty inside and out, weave her way into the kings
court and then her eventual crowning, make me ask where I am in
this beauty treatment world.

I began this study a little unexcited.  Though I know every Book in the Bible
is God breathed.  No name of God is spoken in this book. 
What could I possibly draw from a story I have heard many
many times already?  Seems I say that often to myself.

Moving into my mid forties rather quickly, the desire for beauty seems to
be fading as fast as the years seem to be flying by.  Also, having a small
child and a "shoulder to shoulder" husband leaves little room for
pampering, as many of my mommy friends can relate to, I am sure.
 If it can't be done in 5 to 15  minutes, I won't be doing it.
If it costs more than 15 dollars, I also won't be buying it.

In Esther we see months and months of beauty treatments.
Years spent getting ready for her big day.  Years to get ready to
be as beautiful and pleasing as she would ever have to be.

But we also see something more.  We see a beauty that no outward
makeup or treatment could fix if it were nonexistent.
In chapter 2 we see her "win" the favor of Hegai who was over the
harem where Esther was brought.  In a room full of beautiful women
Esther was set apart, not only because of her outward beauty
but because of her beautiful inner heart.

As I see the desire to be beautiful laughing at me in my rear view
mirror of life,  I see another desire fighting its way past my surface
wrinkles and spots.  I want a beautiful heart.  I am drawn to friends
with beautiful hearts.  I want graciousness, peacemaker, hard worker
women of God to be my foundation that takes hours in the week to
"put on".  Now realize, I am still trying to "put on" these things; they are
not readily pouring from me day in and day out.

I want to be that women.  One that God looks down and smiles at.
One that's inner beauty can change the lives around her for Christ.

Lord you see this woman growing older day by day.
You will never be lacking if she is seeking you in every way.

Help me reach the goal of beauty in your sight.
Bring the devices to grow beautiful, and your spirit ignite.

All is nothing without your seal of approval and blessing.
Bring me your spirit each day as you look down from the heavens.

Outward beauty loses its worldly appeal
Adoring glances are gone, as the many wrinkles appear.

Let your life and light glow from beneath my skin.
Let your love, grace and glory radiate out from within.

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The Darling Dukes said...

Love reading your blog! And FYI you are beautiful on the inside and out!

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