Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Follow up to Reminded...

I feel my anxious heart speeding throughout my "to do's" for today.  I end weak and tired.
I am reminded
Only what we "To Do" for Him will stand through the fire.

I compain that I NEED something, new shirts or new shoes.
I am reminded
There are sweet momma's in other places in tears because there is no food.

I am sad when I don't get my wants and what I think I need.
I am reminded 
I have a precious life and I am loved by Him and am able to fall at His feet.

I see through my life and I see I am not where, in the spiritual, I could be.
I am reminded
Lest God lift me out of the mire that was once my life.  No new path would I see.

When I lose my temper, when I feel unusable, when life takes its anger out on me
I am reminded
There is forgiveness and not condemnation.  Fall into His love and mercy

Evil comes to remind of sins once forgiven and thrown into the vast endless sea
I am reminded
God is gracious, Jesus compassionate, I can cry out to Him. All that baggage is not for me to retrieve.

Friend, let yourself be Loved by God today.  Take all that wounds you. 
All that keeps you captive, let it
lay at the Feet that were pierced for ALL sin! 
God wants all our feelings.  The good, the tired.  The ones filled
with sadness and pain.  Cry out to Him in all these emotions.
Walk in the Light and in the strength that can only come
from our wonderful Creator, Father, Savior, our One True Love, Abba Father! 


signingcharity said...

What a beautifully written reminder! Love it!

kingfisher said...

Thank you for your encouraging words. Yes, sometimes we do have to be reminded of "how much we already have" in God, rather than dwelling on how much we think we want. Yes, oh yes, God is gracious. And we are beloved! I can't really take that in -- that "I am his beloved, and he is mine, and his banner over me is love." We have so few encounters in this life to make us understand the depths of God's intentional, ever-present love! Aren't you glad he never gives up on us?

Stefanie Brown said...

I'm was reminded 1 Peter 5:7 as I read what you wrote:

All that keeps you captive, let it
lay at the Feet that were pierced for ALL sin!
God wants all our feelings. The good, the tired. The ones filled
with sadness and pain.

What thought-filled words. Enjoyed my visit!

I followed through NWB...

Traci Michele said...

I LOVE kari Jobe!

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Anonymous said...

What great encouragement on a Monday morning!

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