Thursday, September 8, 2011

Getting Ready To Remember

Getting Ready To Remember

My eyes are fixed to the screen.  My ears feel 
desperate to hear.  Every word and phrase spoken,
 every scene hits me, but it doesn't quite sink in.
I hear my mother's voice on the phone,
 "Your dad's cousin Victor was the pilot on the second plane."
  What?  The TV area is so crowded I push my way
to the front to see what is happening now. 
"Who else should I call?" 
"When will this end?" 
 "What is going on?" 
"What will be next?"
Panic seems to be settling itself on my shoulders.

As with most major horrific days, people remember
 where they were that day.  The day when what never
 was even thought of before, happened.

Over the years I watched the ceremony of remembrance.
I hear the conspiracy theories. I watch the documentaries.
 Each anniversary, I wonder if our enemies will strike out
again in their own remembrance.
Each year the tears come.

I have sat wondering how I would remember
this day, this year.

As many Americans, I don't want this memorial to pass
as only a tragic memory.  I want it to mean more,
to grow into something positive. 

Grow into more love for my neighbor.  Grow in my
knowledge of God's will.  Grow in the understanding
that God uses ALL things even tragedies like this
to grow us into His Glory.  There is nothing that
happens to us that He doesn't want us to learn from,
to reach out to Him for comfort.

What is God teaching? 
What is He saying to me personally?

If I slam my fist in anger at someone.  If I am filled
with the feeling of vengeance.  If I am being tempted
to hate.  If I am getting ready to judge America
for its many wrongs... If I say, this is old news. 
 Lets move on...

I think I may miss the Lesson.

If I ask God "What is My responsibility here?" 
 "What is My personal lesson here?" I think I may be
on the right track. I know it sounds simplistic but 
I think I may be getting ready to properly remember.

I have heard some great ideas for today:

Do something good for another person. 
Spend quality time in prayer for our country and its leaders. 
Love your family and be thankful.
Shed tears for people who lost a loved one.
Comfort those who are still hurting.

However you begin to get ready to remember
... remember this

God is always, always the answer. 
 Look to Him this year and ask NOT how you Feel
you should remember but 
 "Lord, how do you want me to remember?" 
"How do I bring glory to You and Your name?"

The images still grab at my stomach and cause pain
The devastation still seems hard to understand.
The enemy, God's enemy, would love to
use this memory and a foothold gain.

What if Love poured out of each
 mind's remembrance? True understanding of
God's awesome power. What if what is left is
not wreckage but honor and benevolence?

What if the true enemy of our soul screams 
"My plans you ruined" "Not again God!"
What if today we love instead of hate,
take up compassion and then on Satan's head trod.

My prayer for each family touched by this
anniversary of 9/11, is that God will comfort,
strengthen, show His will to you on this day of loss. 
That you know and understand this truth -

 That nothing escapes God's view
 and His offer of love and comfort
and neither do you.

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