Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Word for the Year

My Word for the Year

Last year when I started this blog I felt I was in the process of
being freed.  I had been searching out the Lord and His will but
something was holding me back.  Something was stealing joy
and peace.  Like a hand, it held fast my arm as I tried to run
to the place I saw God wanted me to be.  Regret was a constant
thought and companion.

The Lord was there.  The spirit that lives in me called
out to Him who knows all the answers and he brought this
verse into my life.  A life that was full of regrets from sin.  A life
that was being held prisoner to my past mistakes and

The Lord is the Spirit, where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.
2 Cor 3:17

God heard my pleas for forgiveness and my longing to be the person
only He could make me.  I have learned to let go of the past and
experience a life full of freedom.  Freedom to run to the place
God has for me in this journey.  To move along, closer to Him and
His kingdom.


This year another word has been spoken to me from the spirit
that lives in me.  A word that again will bring me closer to
the woman I know God has called me to be.

In my past experience with regret and imprisonment I learned to
hide.  I learned to let people see only what was good.  Only
what I thought they should see.  Not the the mistakes I had
made or the tired, weak woman I sometimes still am.

God has been speaking this word to me.


I have felt over this past year to let the World see me.  The Good
the Bad and the Ugly.  There is such an undeniable difference
in the person that writes this blog to the person that lived
in this body 10 years ago.  If you knew that person, in the
dark days of my life, you would not recognize me now.

This can bring strong emotions like fear.  What will
people think if they knew I went through all that?  Will they
understand the difference compared to back then?  Will
someone try to hurt me with the knowledge I lay in
front of them? 

God spoke through His word to me.

I am endeavoring this year to be transparent and to not
let fear stand in the road and dictate what to show and
what not to show.  Only God should dictate what
we do and don't do.  Transparency also means I want
to be sure I am clean and in good standing with my spiritual
walk.  That will also keep me on my toes.

I have a great testimony to what I was and to where I am today.  
ONLY the Lord full of grace and His expectations of Holiness
have brought me into a place of peace and joy.  Without
Him I would still be living "lost" and Prodigal.  If I take
my eyes off of Him, be assured I will fall again.  God called
me to be transparent so that  people will be
 able to see Christ straight "through" me.

What word has God given you this year?
What new inspirations is He showing you that
will lead you to the path He expects you to take?

Psalm 3:6; Psalm 27:3; Psalm 46:2; Psalm 91:5
John 3:16; Isaiah 49:16

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