Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't worry about setting resolutions...

Don't worry about setting resolutions...

As I sit in the mess of my home just coming out of the Holidays, I stopped long enough to check in to some of my favorite blogs.  I have missed reading them in the business of this season.  As always I am inspired.

There is always a certain growing, groaning, stretching, falling back, striving that my heart and mind goes through on a daily basis.  Some days are more groaning over my life's realities.  Some days are stretching and growing.  Unfortunately  some are falling back as I wrestle with my will for my life and not so much Gods.

What do I want my asperations for this new year to be?  I don't like to make resolutions.  I want to build on what I did well last year and work on what I didn't do so well.  But I come to the question again

"What do I want my life to look like as I move through this year?"  

Where do we set our standard of a life well lived?   I am blessed to know women that have encouraged me, spoke truth to me, been examples of what God can do These are women I cherish.  So do I set my standard against them?  Do I set my standard against a lofty goal I have conjured up from the world of ambition that I see around me.  I look and see people everyday making their mark on this world.  Some are not good marks but some are.  So do I set my standard there?

God, of course wants us to set our standards against His Word.  He expects us to grow in Him as we move through this life.  He wants us to direct our questions of expectations and standards against His teachings.  

God also knows you personally.  He gave you gifts and a mind completely different from those around you.  He doesn't expect you to look, and present yourself like anyone but yourself.  He knows you intimately and cherishes you like we cherish our own children, more-so even.  Your personality and life are just as important to His kingdom as the women teaching thousands on TV.  You are as important to God as the women you admire in your church.  Your gifts and abilities may be completely different from the women you look up to but they are just as needed.  Aspire to be the YOU God created.  Of course you look different!!  We are all different parts.  Those who are striving to look just like someone else are missing the potential God has placed in their own lives.

Don't set your standard against what is around you.  Set your standard against what is in you.  Look to God's word for direction, for expectations, for correction, for affirmation.  Look into God's word as you enter into this New Year.  Let God show you through the Spirit that lives in you, that is recognized by God, where to change, where to grow, where to set ambitions and where to set your standards.

Don't worry about setting resolutions this year.  Let's set dedication to being who God created us to be.  Strive for Gods standards and we will have a very fulfilling year and life!

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