Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some of us may never build the temple

Some of us may never build the temple...

We have fought battles for God's kingdom. We have lost battles.  Some have lived a life full of victories. Victories like David's, in the Bible;  "A man after God's own heart".  Even with all His victories for God, David was not allowed to build the temple that would ultimately hold God's spirit.  Because of the battles and 'the blood' that was on David's hands, the responsibility would fall to his son Solomon.  (1 Chronicles 28)  God's spirit was on David and God himself gave the plans for the temple to David.  David in turn handed them over to Solomon.

Can you imagine his disappointment? Think of your own life and the disappointments you have encountered.  Dreams and realizations that have not come true for you...maybe a temple that won't be built.

David didn't look at the plans for the temple with grief that paralyzed him.  He wasn't left depressed and debilitated.  No!  He got ready to help his son get ready for this unbelievable, all important, project.  I can almost imagine as David was praising God and asking God to give his son Solomon 'Whole hearted devotion to keep to God's commands' (1 Chronicles 29:10-20)

Are we preparing our children to build the temple we were not able to build?  What are we doing to organize, make ready, and prepare our children for their temple of God?  Leave your disappointments at God's feet and start preparing your children to move ahead with the plans God has for them.  Let's give them every opportunity to do more than we ever did.  Don't let disappointment or battle weariness steal away the joy of the preparation, or the smile on our faces that they see in the every day.  The gentle tone after 15 'already saids'.  The pointing out of God in their every day.  The teaching and instructing from God's word that goes on inside our own homes.  These are the plans and tools we do now, so that they will be ready to build later.

 Some of us may never build the temple, but God has given to us the task of preparing our children for doing great things for Him.  Take joy and resolve away from this lesson. With possible disappointment left from our own losses, there is hope and encouragement. What a privilege, what a work of God we have to teach and guide our children to the building of God's temple in their own lives.

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