Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Weary Soul

A weary soul

The angel of the LORD came back a second time and touched him and said, “Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you.”  (I Kings 19:7)

All through God's word there are stories of God commands.  There are stories of heroism.  Stories of utter failures.  Stories where the most used of God turn from following Him and fall into sin.  We see the disciples watching listening, learning; seeing miracle after miracle.  Then they turn and seemingly forget the awesome power of God.  I think we see this type of behavior in our own lives.  God comes through in all His magnificence and then the next day or the next week we fall into disbelieving, weariness or just fall apart.

I love the lesson in this passage in I Kings 19.   Elijah had seen God do so many miraculous things.  Then after one threat from Jezebel he runs and hides.  Not only that, but he asks for death.

What does God do here?  Is his wrath kindled against Elijah?  Does He rebuke him and discipline him?  No. He sends food and an angel to tell Elijah he must eat to regain his strength.  He must take a break and hear God's still small voice so that he can continue to do God's will.

In all God's power and perfectness he still understands our humanness.  He knows even after all He has done we will still find days where we are weary.  Days where we just say we cannot do more.  He knows us.  He loves us enough to say - "Take a break.  Regain your strength.  Listen to My still small voice."  Then He says "continue".  He knows life is, at times, 'too much for you'.  Our job is not to pretend and try to appear like we have it all together.  Our job is to be honest like Elijah was.  Our job is to take the 'food' He has provided for our spiritual strength and get ready to hear His voice.  He knows what will power us up again.  God knows His word and company with Him will give us back our strength and only His provision will get us going again.

If you are weary, if you are hiding out, if you have seen God do great things, then fallen into unbelief.  If you are just weary -  God has promised to understand your weariness.  He has made provision for you to regain your strength.  His word and listening to His voice through His word, this is what you need to rebuild your strength and energy to get back to His work and get on with living the life He gave you.  I hope you regain your strength today with God as your supplier of strength.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME! In our weakness God is made strong. If we can only remember that the battle is not ours than it would be hard to continue to become weary. WE WIN PEOPLE.. the battle is fixed. God bless you


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