Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bringing Back What the Locusts Ate

Bringing Back What the Locusts Ate

In my life, in my Christian walk in running a good race.  In pursuit of a fulfilling life. I often run ahead, step out in front of God's plan and grace.

I look back on the stories I've read, the Word.  The ones of promise, the people misled.  I see their examples, I want my own will to continually be shed.

Lord of my life, Help me find strength to wait on your will.  Help me to slow down.
Moving ahead of the Great provider, my feet will not be sound.

I want all of your will.  I want less days of being discouraged and feeling defeated.
"Good work my steward", I want to hear, when on your throne I see you seated.

Help me forget my own agenda.  Help me wait on you for all that you want for me.
Not my own path to follow.  I know you will lead.

As I see the years racing by.  As I see the what if's and question my own life.
I try to get involved where only God can provide.

Obedience is key.  No amount of crying out to you in pain, in sorrow can replace
the obedience that should have been in the first place

Grant me wisdom.  Help me know, only you can bring back what the locusts ate.  As I sit patiently at your feet and God's gate.

Following your Word, obeying as I go. Only you can restore a life, once in ruins.
Knowing only you can maneuver the hidden things of this life, all the way through.

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