Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"The Rebuttals"

The Rebuttals

After giving direction to my daughter I often hear "Well Mom..." or "But Mom I was thinking..."  or "I already know that" or "Well I want to do it this way".  I wonder why can't she just say "Okay Mommy".  I often tell her "Honey when I tell you something you don't have to say anything but, Yes Mommy."  She is almost six and already has an opinion about almost everything.  This can be beyond aggravating.

After one morning of many many rebuttals I dropped her off at school and started thinking about my day.  My day goes by very very well if I stay on schedule.  Get home, before even taking my shoes off I exercise.  Then I come down, make my tea and head in to do my devotions and have some quiet time with God.  Today I almost said out loud -"But today I would rather..."  It was the dreaded rebuttal.

How annoyed do you think God is when we rebuttal what He clearly says we should do?

"Love your neighbor", "But Lord I don't think they want me to be their friend after what they said."

"Pray continually"  But Lord I just keep forgetting to stop long enough to make a list of prayer requests.   

"Honor your Husband"  "But Lord, he is wrong - how am I supposed to honor him?"

I am a jealous God, spend time with me"  "Well, I was thinking that a couple of days out of the week alone with you, will be good enough"

Stop the rebuttal!  I am reminded, that I am as bad as my daughter, when I don't just do what God has told me to.  So I am going to be making a full out effort to stop the rebuttal, be more obedient and just say...

Okay God!  Knowing full well that's all He wants me to say.

Dear Lord I am apologizing for these days, when I feel I know the perfect way, times when I try to make my own path through all the haze.

Dear Lord I am thankful for your voice of power,  The voice that comes in my darkest hours.  The voice that beckons me from Your high tower.

Dear Lord I am thankful for your direction on my life.  For your thunderous demands and direction in the night.  The direction that keeps me safe from strife.

Dear Lord help this wayward seeking soul, to want only your way, to look for you in my life as a whole.  To need you, help me depend on your control.

Dear Lord help me just say "Okay" - to understand nothing more than Your will and Your way.  For your path and your way, I  am recommitting, to You, today.

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